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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

first...and a dead/resurrected iPod iPod Touch gave me a scare earlier when it went dead and i don't even have a clue or can't even remember what i did wrong for it to stop working (oh yeah...i dropped it 2 weeks back, ending the screen having hairline cracks :( and i need to have it replaced - though the whole touch screen stuff still works)....good thing few hours after it went back to being normal nothing happened at all...and i'm back to all smiles hehehe a new hair color yesterday...finally...after procrastinating for too long....dyu like it? hehehe coz i do


...and ow, i got my 1st Starbs journal yesterday as well though i'll be giving it as a late bday present for someone...i'll be off to start collecting stickers for the next one and this time it's for myself unless someone asks for it


...i hope no one will till i get to start with the 3rd one...i got 7 planners last year and all 6 became X-mas gifts for super close friends...smarty eh? cost cutting time bebeh!

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