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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

long wait is over!

....dark cherry mocha finally arrived at Starbucks,,,i think i was way more excited for this than my own birthday hehehe (kidding)....and to my delight i was not disappointed,,,the first sip was just orgasmic it was almost better than sex hehehe but then again almost....

Photobucket felt like drinking a hot cup of Cherry Coke bwehehe and since i have not been able to find my usual stock of Cherry Coke, havin' this is is more than what i can ask for...

i don't know when did my obsession for cherry started...i just knew that it's one of the best stuff on earth :) ...yeah i'm now exagerrating hehehe...few more shot at Starbs earlier...



...i was even wearing red for the occasion...yay!

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