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Saturday, November 29, 2008

sexual favors for you...if

...i'm sure by now most of you already got your x-mas wishlist posted (hoping that someone might come across it and make some of 'em true hehehe) which is by the way my exact same purpose of making this post :) here we go with the mandatory x-mas wishlist and hopefully someone with a big heart can spare some time to make it real (and this year i'm keeping it way simple hehehe)

1. Speck clear case 13" - this is for Tonio (my Mac) so it can have a change of's been orange for the longest time - oh yeah...i'm going for the sky blue


2. Kiehl's Facial Fuel - my fave moisturizer is about to go empty...i need some replenishment


3. Keyboard protector - another accessory for Tonio, i want the silicone type with cover for the palmrest included

4. Giorgio Armani/D&G - i lost my Giorgio Armani shades a month ago (which cost me almost an arm and a leg when i bought it 2 years ago heheh)...just make sure it's a square frame and we're good :)


5. A pair of Diesel or Levi's Copper jeans

6. A bottle of Diesel's Fuel for Life or L'Homme by YSL

....there, as i've said, i'm keeping it short and the way, did i tell you i'll give you 1000 sexual favors in return for each of these items? hehehe

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