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Sunday, February 08, 2009

about jeepney rides

...i took the jeepney earlier to Ayala because i had the luxury of time and the weather's just's always interesting to be inside a jeepney - it's a different crowd everytime...sometimes you get to sit right next to someone good looking enough to take home to your mom (well, i consider that a lucky day) or you'll be seated right next to someone who badly needs a deodorant (and that is a torture...oh yes) and trust me it happens almost all the time bwhehehe

...the worst thing about riding a jeepney is the "waiting" part...i can't stand the multiple stops you have to endure before you get to your destination...a 10 minute ride in a cab can be more than 30 minutes in a jeepney...but aside from that i think it's all ok...again, i had the luxury of time earlier and i didn't mind waiting :)

...grabbed some Frapp at the Coffee Bean and i'm now thinking where to have lunch


V-day is almost here, and i know for some it's overrated (well i think only for those who are bitter with love, and that does not include me hehehe)...either i'll have a date or not i'll be just fine :)


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Anonymous said...

you're the man in my dream..hehehe!!!