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Friday, February 27, 2009

cum away with me...i mean come :)

...i was never the type who plan things in ahead...i want spontaneity and i like sorting things as they happened - that was the usual way until this month...i got 4 trips already booked every weekend of March :)

...i'll be heading to Davao the first week to attend my former housemate's wedding (something that up until now, i'm not yet fully decided on attending)...then the next weekend would be in Manila (mostly retail therapy...i need a new set of clothes to wear and yes - it's super hard to shop in Cebu coz of super limited choices)

...the next weekend will be in Bacolod, a place i'll be visiting for the first time...i'll go with a friend to fix her passport and me to get around the place and hopefully can find something/someone interesting enough to make the trip worthy...and maybe hit some place where i can soak up in the sun :)

...and for the last week, I'll be heading back to Bohol...and this time i'll enjoy the beach more than i did the last time...i'll skip the day tour part and just spend one weekend taking sometime off...and the best part of it is i'll be going there...alone :)

...wanna come? hehehe


Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Haha! Hope you enjoy Bohol! :-)

ash said...

hopefully i can find a beautiful stranger and get to blog about it
hehehe :)