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Monday, March 16, 2009

CSI NY and broken shades

...i've spent the whole Sunday "house-arrest style" doing a marathon of CSI NY...GAWD! it's sooo Mac's wallpaper is now the official TV series pic and i got Baba O'Reilly (the series's theme) overplayed in my iPod...the only other thing i did aside from watching it was to grab dinner (yes, i skipped lunch)ow, and yeah a quick shower :)

...the show wants me to overanalyze things and develop an amazing eye for detail...speaking of detail, one of my shades got broken 2 days ago...Replay's case is made of denim so it didn't actually help when it was stuff together with my Mac inside a denim duffle bag (i'm not even sure though if it was the reason why the frame got broken)


...i now have to use my Armani aviator for the meantime till i get my hands on that yummy Rayban i wore couple of weeks back (my bestfriend bought it for her hubby and i was the one who did the "quality control" bwehehehe)


...maybe it was meant to happen :)

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