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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Anzani and too much karaoke

....i still can't stop laughing hysterically everytime i replay the last video i posted about these super young "gay girls" dancing to Single Ladies hehehe...i wonder if they get beaten up by their dad by the time they get home - now that would be sad :(

...nyway, i finally got a haircut after procrastinating for almost a week... i usually get my hair done twice a month specially the time when i was sporting a longer cut...the thing with having that hairstyle though is it would need me to use a hairdyer/blower everytime i start fixing my hair and i no longer have the luxury of time these days...i guess i will be keeping a shorter cut much longer than i've expected :)


...see a lil' fix can make a whole lot of difference :)

...had dinner at Anzani last night, i found the place to be very chic not at all pretentious..what i like most about the place is the overlooking view you'll get once you're's also interesting that they got these oversized pots made of fiber glass illuminating the place, giving it a subtle candlelight glow - it's wayy cozy enough for you to just enjoy the view while sipping on a fine glass of wine...chill baby chill hehe was good as expected, i enjoyed my Red Marinara pasta though i would want it to be less creamy - i'd rather have it mixed with a bit of olive oil to make the taste bit lighter...their flatbread also remind of "panizza" (a specialty of "C" - one of the famous Italian restos in Clark) which we all raved about...their servings are way too big for me but i guess i was just really starving that i managed to finish more than half of the pasta hehehe

..and to top the deal, you need to checkout their restroom, instead of using tissues, they got these personalized hand towels for you to use and both their hand soap and lotion were A+ as i know where to take someone out if i need to impress heheheh *wink wink*

...we then head to some karaoke joint to join a friend's love for Bon Jovi was instantly resurrected after i got more than my alcohol requirement for the night hehehe...we were belting out those classic Bon Jovi hits like Pavarotti on steroids (and it was all back-to-back mind you hehehe)...your videoke playlist will really vary once you get to be with people on a different age bracket....i'm a 90s' baby and i'm staying that way :)

...woke up with an aching head and a sore throat...i need an Advil-Strepsils combo ASAP!


Bleeding Angel said...

nice sensible post u have man...

ash said...

thanks :)