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Saturday, January 23, 2010

i see you

...the promotion i was waiting for finally came and trust me i've been waiting for it for too long...i was already at the point of deciding when to give my resignation letter (i gave it another 15 days more and if it isn't there yet then i'll kiss my company goodbye)...since it did, now i'm a little happy and i'll stay and enjoy the moment till i get to that point again of wanting to leave

...speaking of waiting, this one came so unexpectedly...someone i used to be with almost all the time way back college added me up in Facebook and sent me a message...he was hot way back then but now he's way HOTTER!!! i was distracted by the profile pic that the message he sent instantly was last priority


...agree much? shet!!!! i can't wait to see him and catch up...just like the old times :)

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