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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


...i've been losing steam with how the way i do my job lately...i used to push myself really hard to meet whatever expectations my boss/client have of me...but now, i think that drive is fading and i'm afraid by the next couple of weeks it will all be gone

...i used to be excited in attending meetings/calibrations (coz i can get to talk a lot) but lately i've been dreading to attend one...i used to enjoy the time being locked in the confines of that corner office...i've mastered the art of multi-tasking of taking pictures of myself and that of talking to clients at the same time


...but now, i just HATE doing any of it..

...i need something to motivate myself and to find back that purpose of why i always try to be the best...if i can't find that motivation then i guess, i need someone to kick me hard in the ass to get back to my old self

...this is sooo not right :(

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