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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

my birthday is coming and what's up with friendster?

ok first...friendster is totally weird...when i opened it up earlier, it shows that it's already my birthday causin' me to get flooded with messages from "not so close friends" sending me with the usual "happy-birhtday-hope-you-enjoy-your-special-day" greeting, well in fact my birthday won't be until the 3rd day of the month...i checked my profile to see if i've messed with my birthdate but it's actually accurate so i don't really know what the hell happen to it...oh well...let's just all put it as all advanced happy birthday's for me hehehe...but can someday fix it? hmmm...

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***there it shows Ash's birthday is TODAY...???

i'm gonna be 23!!!! OMG i'm really starting to get old...goodness!!!!

...i don't have any plans yet on how to go about it, in fact i can't really remember when was the last birthday that i really had a celebration for it...well let's just say its already too passe'... specially with my family...hmmm...depressing..

oh well...hope it's gonna be a good one :)

***can't believe this pic is already a year ago...time flies so fast...wayyy fast :)

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