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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

7th journal, CK's dyed yarn knit, Wentworth Miller and Jeepers for Sinulog

...i only realized that i was spending too much on coffee when i got another 2007 journal/planner from Starbucks - for the 7th has been one of those stuff that I've been giving away to some close friends for x-mas (yeah i'm such a cheapo hehehe)...mathematically wise, that's a total of 147 cups of coffee = close to almost 21k i could buy another pair of armani shades with that...oh well...gotta slow down with coffee intake moving forward, unless if someone's gonna give it for free hehehe...anyone?

draw this earlier through my phone...out of total boredom...what else is new?

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...after almost a month, i broke my hiatus --- of going to the mall that is...there's not too much to miss anyway...was only there to pay for my Globe bill and for my credit card...went to Calvin and bought the new dyed yarn knit boxers -- best thing is it's they say red is the new black for 2007 so it's super coolness (i'm wearing it right now by the way hehehe)...

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...was supposed to do hibernation for my off but instead I spent it watching back to back episodes of Mr. Hotness - Wentworth Miller's "Prison Break"...he's got the best eyes ever!!! and he's all the reason you'll ever need to commit a crime and be locked up in jail...i'm almost halfway with season 1 (with lot of spoilers from my housemates)...

***to Wentworth...this is all i got to say..

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...can't contain my excitement...i just can't hehehe...Jeepers (the love of mah life) is coming over for was suppose to be a surprise but someone spoil it for him hehehe...can't wait for Friday...oww i forgot, I got work till Sunday (major spoiler I know)...but if there's a will, there's always a way :)

back to work again...

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***not really working, just blogging :)

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jayd said...

nice blog! loves it!

ash said...

thanks jayd :)
hugs and kisses mwah!

robs said...

ur 'pinamati' blogs never fail to make my day...
i wish i had ur life. mine's been boring lately.
hook me up with a fubu... PLEAZZZZEEEEEE!!!

ash said... careful of what you wish might just get you bitch! :)