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Saturday, January 27, 2007

HEROES's Godsend, date for V-day and much Krispy Kremes

FINALLY!!! after almost a month of much anticipation and getting a cliffhanger (enough to get me a bit impatient for the next episode) HEROES's Godsend was aired (after being on a winter hiatus)...this time it's gonna be the beginning of so much more to come and to characters are shown, secrets are revealed to answer some questions i had from the past episodes...and one question is still left unanswered:

"You've saved the cheerleader and saved the world, but are you on the list? "

...passed by the DVD stalls along Mercury Drug earlier and saw a pirated DVD copy of Season 1's not gonna take long till it becomes a must-have for an obsessed fan like me (not unless i wanna kill my HD for so much downloaded stuff)

 *** a line from Niki few seconds before the episode ends...

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Niki: O God, help me.

Alterego: Who needs God when you've got me?

***can't wait for the next episode (The Fix) to be aired this Jan. 29th :)

...i'm gonna be having few days off from work but this time I'm just going to hibernate and finish Prison Break after ( i missed Wentworth already) unless you "Mr-you-know-who-you-are"' gonna invite me for a movie out or a dinner then i'll be more than happy to pass on Prison's almost Valentine's day and i need to have a date by that time...i spent it last year working mah ass off without any fancy dinner/chocolates or even flowers heheheh (as if i expected those) not even an invitation (oh wait, I guess there was but i just passed on it)...anyway Valentine's day is way overrated or am I just bitter with love? hmmmm

...felt the need to reward myself with some carbo overload...been working double time for the last 5 days (i got an assessment coming up for another promotion by Feb 15 - it's in the bag but I don't want to assume much)...finished almost half a dozen of Krispy Kremes and to-die-for cupcakes from Sonja (this is so Sex and the City) with a grande iced mocha to go with it...i'm gonna go obese next week when all the fat from these junks sink in...

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 ***i need to workout...i'm getting fat :(

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P.S. I'm really serious about finding a date this Valentine's day...anyone available? drop me a line...hugs and kisses darlings!

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