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Saturday, June 02, 2007

the domino effect...misery loves company

...had a quick chat with a friend over AIM earlier...

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we we're so happy with how our lovelife was going few weeks back then it suddenly took a complete turn and now it feels like we're going back to square one...ironically i'm using Euphoria by Calvin and i'm not feeling the same way...what's worst is the house classic "Happy" is playing in the background...oh well, life irony , it hits you when you least expect it :)

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AlfredoMPHI [8:01 A.M.]: why are we not happy?
"kristine" [8:01 A.M.]: coz were already perfect by ourselves. maybe god thinks we don't need a significant other.
"kristine" [8:01 A.M.]: char!
AlfredoMPHI [8:01 A.M.]: depressing
AlfredoMPHI [8:02 A.M.]: seriously, why are we not happy?
"kristine" [8:02 A.M.]: i dunno. maybe were not really meant to be happy
"kristine" [8:02 A.M.]: do u think were nice people? do u think we deserve not to be happy?
AlfredoMPHI [8:02 A.M.]: jsut when i thought that i can be happy, it was all part of a precious illusion
AlfredoMPHI [8:03 A.M.]: i am nice...i can be a super bitch sometimes but i'm a good person
AlfredoMPHI [8:03 A.M.]: and i think i deserve to be happy
"kristine" [8:03 A.M.]: am nice too. n i deserve to be happy but how come were not?
AlfredoMPHI [8:04 A.M.]: riddle..riddle...i need cheesecake and some sex
AlfredoMPHI [8:04 A.M.]: and i wish it could be that easy to get 'em both...
"kristine" [8:05 A.M.]: i wish i know what i want. cant even think.

...i need someone to talk to over a bottle of vodka...nyone? drop me a line :)

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***somebody wipe this poker face off of me...


AV said...

Awww... you guys! Here's something to keep you away from unhappy thoughts. Someone just saw my doppelganger last Sunday during the summer outing. Now I'm scared as hell thinking about what bad omen that brings. Creepy... Now go! Google it and enjoy!

ash said...

"doppelganger" --- what a word! nosebleed galore

tin- tin said...

so y are we not happy? is it a curse? are we being punished? we dont deserve this. were nice people. being a bitch sometimes doesnt mean were evil. thats juz how we are. we dont deserve to be miserable... ash n i went to buy comfort food earlier. it used to be cheeseburger from jabi but he bought cheesecake from coffee bean this time which could mean he's not only sad, he could be depressed... as for me, i dont need cheesecake. i juz need a diversion. new clothes and hot sex will do.

intsik said...


Uno, you are a beautiful person. Inside and out. I got scared of you the first time I saw you but the hair doesn't say it all (primarily because I am not adventurous w/ my hair, that explains my fear of you). And believe, JOY will come to you soon. Happiness, dear, is wordly. JOY is divine! Char! hahahahahah

Second. Whatever happened to ur future bf? I'm pretty sure, he will provide the needed diesoline to uplift ur mood.

Ikatulo. Thanks for the encouragement. In your own way, you have made me realize things that I refuse to recognize.

Mwah, mi amiga!

ash said...

wow!! guys are all amazing...thanks for all of these...much love...mwahh!!

...i know i can really be happy...soon :)