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Thursday, July 12, 2007

the namesake...and somehow relating to it

...have you ever hated your name one point at a time? have you ever hesitated giving out your real name because you might end up losing some "pogi points"...have you ever thought of changing your name to something else - something that you always wanted? well in my case - YES! one too many times

...i didn't have the chance to choose my own name ( i mean who does? ) this is something in this life where we don't have a choice...but at least i wished that my parents were not too tired enough to go bother giving me a different name and not having it patterned from my father's -- oh wait...i remember i was the only son hehehe

...well enough of this ranting...reason for this is because of this book i've just read which will also be adapted into a's a bit of my review :)

Rating : 5 stars

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"my main intention of reading this book in the first place is to know its details before watching it on the big screen - most movie adaptations take out those tiny lil' details that makes a book super special (i already learned my lesson from "the notebook" - the book's still way better)..lil' did i know that when i was halfway through it i was already too absorbed about the story's exquisitely detailed family explores the expectations bestowed on us by our parents and the means by which we come to define who we also is a story about a man who wanted to become a totally different person - too far from what he is expected by those people who know him all too well - his family...all this and more than that :)"

and this is something in a way i can relate to...

...can't wait to see the movie real soon :)

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