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Sunday, July 22, 2007

an orgasm after too much foreplay ^^wink^^

...i haven't been talking much about myself lately in my blog...i don't get to talk to strangers what's been going on with my daily life - it's as if someone's that interested enough to know about it...maybe i just need less self-gratification these days than the usual...

...for the past 2 weeks, my time's taking up by reading books - most often at Starbucks...the pleasure of getting the perfect corner couch all to yourself while having two white plugs in your ear drifting to Norah Jones's debut album in your own wonderland while being absorbed into a world you felt was solely created for you by the book's author is something that is's some of the world's pleasure that can make you cry :)

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..there's lots of title that i want to read...i want to finish reading a book one after the other...these are the 3 books that I want to read for the next 2 weeks...gonna be searching for these babies at National Bookstore by Tuesday...

1. A night without Armor - Jewel Kilcher

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***this is from one of my fave artist blog was even named after her last name!!! hehehe...these are collection of Jewel's poem and i know there's an audiobook for this one...i soo want to get it :)

2. Bridges of Madison County - Robert James Waller

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***this has been around ages ago, I've seen the movie but as they always say, most of the time, the book's way better :)

3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - JK Rowling

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***who doesn't want to know what's gonna happen with Harry and Voldemort?...if this is sex...then the 7th is your orgasm after too much foreplay ^^wink^^

...and oh by the way, i'm still gonna write things about myself, after all this is my narcissistic one can tell me what to put in here or confine me into your own blog definition...and yeah...friendster's 100 photos is soo not enough for my camwhorin' sessions...respect baby...respect :)

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