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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Juno for Easter's Easter Sunday and the rain is just super - felt like it's gonna last till this day ends, so that means i'm stuck here in this cold boring condotel - my last resort is actually hacking someone's wi-fi access so i can do this post...pathetic no?

...there's nothing good on the TV - all you can catch is the never ending re-runs plus some occassional snippets of ads i came to love since i went back to watching TV (for 2 months now)...i got nothing else to do to kill time and i'm way over being hypersomonotic...either i'll pop an overplayed porn or read Simon Cowell's bio for the nth time makes it very depressing

...good thing i found a copy of Juno while sorting my laundry (yeah i'm "find-the-missing-object"/ i need creative chaos type) and to my surprise it was the perfect cure for boredom while having an excuse to finish half of a bag of Ruffles's sour cream and cheddar combo :)


...Ellen Page is amazing and i guess deserved that Oscar nod for this film...she was smart and sarcastically witty the whole time which was offset by the lovable obsessive-compulsive Jennifer Garner (the 1st reason why i want to see the movie by the way) gave me almost 2 hours of killing time which is just what i need :), if only that rain stops i'll be happier :)

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