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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

missin' mary grace and gossip girl fab boss Sheila brought something in the office earlier - something that would add up much cal in my system (yah know me - the one who has a love/hate relationship with food hehehe)...yeah i hate that i love it THAT much hehehe

...usually i expect her to bring some Krispy Kremes or a warm cup of Starbucks but this time she brought something new...something i haven't tasted for a long time and have been missing it for a while now - ensaymadas from Mary Grace...yum!


...they have a shop in Serendra - if you're the type who got a sweet tooth and would want something cozy and homey then it's the perfect place for you to go and yeah i won't start talking about their treats coz it will take me hours hehehe


...and best of all, i got 2 boxes - more than enough to have something to take home with me while spending reruns of my new fave Gossip Girl on DVD - Chace Crawford is a reason enough to do reruns over and over again ^^wink^^

...don't you just love catfights?


*** i love S more than B



joelmcvie said...

Off-topic... thanks for dropping by my blog. =)

ash said...

your welcome...i'm glad i did...i had a great time readin' through it :)