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Monday, March 17, 2008

thank you Fullybooked! THANK YOU!!!

...after spending much time of doing online search and almost getting a refurbished copy at e-Bay, i'm glad i made a stop at Fullybooked in Serendra the last weekend right after dinner at Chelsea coz they still got 1 copy left (yes 1) of Jewel Kilcher's "A night without Armor"


...i've been wanting to get hold of this book from the time it was released and that was still 1999 i think - wow that's almost a decade of waiting hehehe and i made a previous post about it but unfortunately none of my friends have it or know about it...

...the book is a collection of poems written by Jewel since she was still 6 years old till the time she hit it big when she released "Pieces of You" and i can still remember overplaying "You were meant for Me" and "Foolish Games" way back high school...memories :) is an excerpt from the poem i know someone can really relate (Sanchia i know you're reading this)'s simply titled "Fat" - ouch!



there she was

a mound of flesh

with just two eyes

to comprehend the

extensiveness of

her being


she made a mountain

of herself

so no one cold look down,


so no one would miss

or fail to see

the tiny woman hands

that talked desperately

of delicate things

through a fist full of rings

to all who would


and listen

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