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Thursday, March 20, 2008

one more week's the Holy Week season again and this could only mean one thing for other people - the beach...but for me - it still is work and i hate the fact that i'm already used to it...oh well

...maybe by next year i'll plan it in ahead to stop being a corpo slave for few days and just enjoy a vacation...and since i'm not much of a fan of the beach, i'll probably head back here - the Chi Spa :)

...water, water and more water




...and i miss this cut - the one i got when i spent some chill time at the Chi Spa

Photobucket more week to go and i can finally get back to Cebu - though only for the weekend - just enough to satisfy my lechon cravings and of course seeing the people i love :)


dyosa said...

hi. just stumbled upon your blog. question: where's Chi Spa?

ash said...

Chi Spa is in Shangri-la Mactan but i think there's a new one open in Edsa Shangri-la :)