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Thursday, December 25, 2008


...i no longer belong here...after spending almost 10 days at home, i think i'm better off living somewhere else...i find it almost a torture to count the hours till the day ends...i've surfed almost any website imaginable because of boredom...but no matter how bored i was , i'm proud to say that i've kept myself from checking work related emails...i'll deal with it once i get back to the office...i know i'll be doing major work catching up...10 days of not being in the office equals to more than 500 emails...goodluck

...the more time i spent here, the more i get to know myself better and what i want for me to have by next year...i now know where i got my temper and being very impatient --- from my mom...although i love her much, there are just some things i see myself in her that i wanted to change right away...'s been a quite good year for me..i've been lucky with my work (i got the promotion i think i rightfully deserved), i was able to buy some material things that i've always wanted (Tonio's on top of the list), i was able to reunite with my old friends through Rihanna and Chris Brown's concert (although spending it in Bangkok was always a better option)...and then some...i think the only sad thing that happened was the end of my lovelife, but it was a choice i made so i have to stand up for it

...i already have a game plan set for the new resolutions or any of that stuff, i only need to make things happen....let's all welcome 2009 with a bang and hopefully you all get to have what you want for next year


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