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Saturday, December 20, 2008

rest in peace sexy

...i was shocked and until now can't still believe it...a good friend died yesterday...i was chatting with my former housemate through YM when he told me about the news...i browsed her profile in Facebook and confirmed that it was actually true :(

...i chatted with her i guess 3 weeks back and it seemed everything was going fine with her as she always is...she's Ms. Super Sunshine to everyone...super hyper and her energy is overflowing...Heids, i won't forget the way we scream our lungs out as we belt those silly rap songs along the halls of XU's Commerce building...and the way we do late night study , cramming before the exam pretending that we actually really care

...i will miss you badly...too bad i didn't get the chance to see you for one more time...i browsed through my Friendster's profile and saw this comment you made wayyy back when friendster was still hotness :)

"THis guy is always on a roll.. he's in
the mood to party-hardy, walk around,
and do crazy things! he can bust out
any move and won't give a crap what
other people think! (LIVE FREE!)
Ash just isn't a party boy but he has
the ability to balance out his night
life with school so.. FINE, HE AMAZES
ME!!! he's smart! funny! sweet! and
crazy!;p he sings when he feels like
it, dances when he feels like it and is
a friend when you need somebody to talk
to... awww... hehehe... thanks for
being a pal ASH!:))) hehehe.. *mwah!*

...i totally forgot that i was once the "party boy"...i didn't know why that part of me died...i gotta have it back...thanks for reminding me about it lots babe...i will sure miss you sexy :)


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