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Monday, December 01, 2008

bad lip

...i lost my usual sleep pattern (blame it on my erratic schedule that changes almost everyday - i still have to endure it for 2 more weeks and i'll be on a steady case)...woke up earlier with an aching head and a stubborn pimple in my lower lip (now i need to look for my Murad for a fix)

...i finally watched Twilight last Sunday (i've chosen the last full show expecting it wouldn't be too crowded but to my dismay it was full-packed)'s good that i have set a standard for myself in perceiving the movie coz i didn't end up disappointed (which i know others were)...but one thing's for sure, Edward being an eye-candy is enough reason for me to watch the movie all over again...

...i need to start buying stuff for x-mas gifts...i'll be taking a long leave from work (better than what i originally bargained for)...i'm exited to go home

...forget everything about Cebu....even for a while

...oh by the way...happy World Aids Day everyone :)


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