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Thursday, December 18, 2008

the princess is doing a homecoming

...i'm doing endorsement, endorsement and more endorsement now that i'm leaving work behind for the next 10 days (i promised myself i'm not going to check my work mail for as long as i can hehehe)...i haven't packed things up though and i've already told myself that i'll avoid the last minute prep thingy...oh well, i'm still the biggest procrastinator i know..

...i got 2 hours to spare after work before my flight...i'm just hoping i won't forget anything important before leaving Cebu...i'm soo excited to see my Mom and eat her own version of adobo (carbo overload coming up hehehe) and i still got a long list of homemade dishes i've been missing for more than a year is soo out of my vocabulary right now hehehe

...Mom will get to pamper her impress again :)

....merry christmas everyone...spread the love :)

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