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Monday, June 04, 2007

hopefully when i get back, ill be better

...i couldn't find my sleeping pills today, guess someone hid it so i can stop taking 'em...been wanting to just hibernate or either kill my time watching too much tv just to get my mind off thinkin bout someone...

...i'm never good at hiding my feelings and i think i'll always end up as a bad actor if i'll be in showbiz...i wanted to cry till 4am in the morning like Gwen does in her song but the last pill i took knocked me off just when i'm about to let 'em pour out...

...i'm going to file an emergency leave later at work, this feeling has been affecting me last week for the last 3 days...i'm just staring blankly at the computer screen, my agents can't seem to bother me at all up to the point that i don't even want to talk to them...and this is all unfair...

...i'll be going home - much sooner than what i've planned...hopefully when i get back, ill be better


intsik said...


Dear, it seems like you're quite lost somewhere. You are never the "loose" type of guy. Are you okay, my dear? You take care of your pretty self?

Are you out of love again?

I hope not.

Joey S!

intsik said...


Your smile is the good stuff!

So despite the number of confusions, just keep a good heart and a warm smile. Mwah

Ingatz always!

Joey S!

ash said...

friend!!! i'm all out of love drama again hhehehe...i'll be ok...soon :)