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Sunday, June 10, 2007

the moon got lost again last night :(

...i was auto-out from the office the moment my shift ended coz i gotta make the most out of my single day off from work but something spoiled it for me...wake up with an aching head and started throwing up like crazy (nasty shrimp i had for lunch - maybe it wasn't as fresh as i've imagined them to be)

...was waiting for something special to happen this day, good thing i've followed the advice of a friend not too expect much coz i might only end up disappointed...and as far as it goes now - yes i guess i gotta give up on that thought and go back to hibernate mode...

...went outside the apartment and started staring at the sky trying to find the moon for some relief but it seem even that pleasure is taken away from me...oh well, maybe next week i'll be happier...maybe later i'll wake up again - hopefully the moon will be there to share my solitude :) tomorrow i gotta do some retail therapy...i miss doing this :)

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