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Thursday, June 07, 2007

"i never got there" and i'm close to retirement an e-mail earlier which was really surprising...this exact day marks my 3rd year being with E-tel and surprisingly i'm still partly happy with being here (2 years more to go and i'll have my retirement plan hehehe)...this job as they say is the ultimate "social suicide"...i haven't even watched TV for the longest time (thanks for Youtube, i'm still in touch with the drama of local showbiz hehehe) and a lovelife killer...but then again, maybe not :)

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...went to see a local chick flick earlier, just couldn't get the sleep that i need so might as well make the most of my stale time...the movie's really funny and heartwarming at the same time...i must say i never imagined Piolo can be soooo HOT! hehehe...all of those who got to see it can relate to the infamous "i never got there" line...i'm wondering if i can get to say that to someone...soon hehehe

...went to have dinner with friends from work to celebrate my anniversary...then had quick coffee at Starbucks...they got this new flavor "Azuki" frapp...sweet :)

...had to do interviews for newbies later for the program,first requirement is looks then the rest follows hehehe...nah kidding...and i got to enjoy a big breakfast at Marriott later with a friend....gawd! i'm bordering morbid obesity...i need desperate help or a smack in the forehead for eating too much :)

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