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Monday, May 18, 2009

weekender and the wise woman

...being awake for almost 2 days gives you the perfect excuse to stay at home and hibernate it's as if you can still make up for those lost hours of has been one crazy weekend, super tiring but all worth it..i'm just waiting for the pictures from the wedding so i can post them

...since i stayed home almost the whole day, i managed to finish reading "The Wise Woman" by Philippa Gregory (author of the famous "The Other Boleyn Girl")...the ending was quite something i did not expect...after all of the scheming and manipulation the characted did for her to survive and get to the level she wanted, she ended it all by having herself burned in the stake (i think that was the only way for her to get total absolution from all of her sins)...i won't go much to the details coz it will take me some time to write a serious book review and it might bore you hehe but this is something i would recommend in an instant if you need something to read :)


...went to the mall after to buy some star screwdriver (i need to fix my lock and i'm trying to play the handyman role hehehe)...had 2 shots of strawberry tequila from Friday's while waiting for a friend for dinner


...had some chicken gyro and pasta at Cyma then gelatissimo for dessert (it's quite frustrating though that they no longer have the wild cherry flavor available)...had some chamomile tea after and played around the cam trying to copy Wondergirl's infectious "Nobody But You" video out for the full version...soon bwehehee

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