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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

rundown of the thank you girls

...i braved a rundown cinema in Colon yesterday just to see "The Thank You Girls" and i got to see more than what i paid for...i've been quite a fan of the movie even before (though my liking of it was based from trailers in youtube and few random blog hops)...i tried checking local video shops to buy it but it's not available and piratebay was not much use either...

Photobucket left me no choice but to go to one of the most crowded places in Cebu and spent the next 2 hours trying to enjoy the movie with effort..i say effort because:

1. the sound system was really bad, it feels like i'm hearing an echo from somewhere and the subtitles are cutoff from the screen...all i can see is the top part of the subs :(

2. most of the people watching are not in there for the movie (what else do you expect from a rundown cinema playing adult films)...most of them are walking in front of the screen blocking your view from time to time and sometimes you really need to tell them to move

3. inside the cinema was really working AC..only 2 running small fans (that's my guess)...i almost got to the point of taking my shirt off but i realized i might get some nasty skin rashes if i do (those chairs looked like they haven't been cleaned for ages)

4. going inside the cinema is almost the same as walking into a dark alley not knowing what might grab actually felt bit scary and i was stupid for bringing my Mac with me inside (another big no no)

5. to top it all, i got occasional offers from random strangers about me giving them head or the other way around and get paid for it (talking about a fallback plan hehehe)...i actually asked how much and got a Php250 offer bwhahaha (and i thought my value was too high ha!)

...although it was almost a horrible experience, the movie made up for it...i had a great time watching it and have few laughs in between (and i guess i was the only one laughing)...but i can't go back in's enough that for a time i've experience what it's like being inside one of those places and get to tell my story :)

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