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Monday, May 11, 2009

the one who got away

..."coz when i'm with him i am thinking of you" - Katy Perry

i've been overplaying this song for as long as i can remember and i have memorized each line like they were my own...something happened last weekend that made me relate to this song in an! i'm in emo mode after quite a long time and it kinda felt good :)

...did you get that feeling of regret for not having the courage to tell someone how you really feel about them and only realizing what you've missed when that person's gone (or in this case, have already found someone)?

...oh well, i should get myself some happy meal again and hopefully it will put a lil smile on my face (and ow, i just realized how much the price increased since i was in college for a supersize happy meal..amazing) i'm having coffee all by myself and some revel bar for a bit of sugar rush and thinking what i just missed :(


...i'll be happy soon...and by that time i'll no longer need any happy meal

Photobucket, let me me have Katy Perry on auto-repeat mode again :)


jun said...

this is jun from lapu-lapu city ur photos here was so nice... need some help to clean ur macbook?? heheehe

:: cb :: said...

is this him? oh wow..

i so love this song. i have it on repeat, too. it's like the perfect "i'm not over you" song.

ash said...

@cb : who are you referring to? the guy above your comment? i actually don't know him hehehe

...this is for a close friend :)