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Saturday, May 23, 2009

AH1N1 is that you?

...i'm having a bad case of flu and now i'm wondering why did i bother coming in to work instead of taking a full rest at home...i've taken some anti-histamines earlier this morning and it knocked me out in an instant and left someone hanging, waiting for my text reply hehehe sorry (you know who you are) mom's coming over this weekend and i'm so excited!!! she's buying me my Philip Stein chrono (yeah, coz i can't save for it and can't afford it, so i need some charity work from her hehehe)

...and the weekend after that, i'll be heading to my bestfriend's hometown for her baby's christening and will have a 2-day celeb at Pearl Farm in Davao and by the time i get back to Cebu i'm getting ready for another trip to Dos Palmas

...i'm not the nature lover type but hey it's Dos Palmas...and i'm sure i'm gonna be wearing more of these type :)


...hope you all have an exciting weekend as much as i will have :)


cronwell said...

bagay sayo yung outfit, have a safe trip...

ash said...

thanks :)