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Saturday, May 09, 2009


...i spent the early morning cleaning my Mac...bought this cleaning kit from iStore 2 weeks ago and earlier was the only time i was able to use it (yes, i got a lot of other priorities lined up hehehe) felt sooo good seeing my Mac back to the same look it had when i took it out of its box ...give it 2-3 weeks and i'll be doing the same thing all over again till it becomes a routine (the price you have to pay for having an all-white portable)...maybe it's a sign to give up Tonio and exchange him for a Mac Air hmmm heheh

Photobucket's a sad day today for my iTunes fave site for downloading freshest singles and albums have been shutdown by i gotta find a new source to keep me updated...i'm gonna miss your site Bob...hopefully, you'll get resurrected somewhere :)

...i'm finally watching Wolverine later (i have made plans several times but they always get canceled)...and probably have some dinner at Cyma with Sheila after...i've been craving for pastisado and some chicken gyro on the side...yum :)

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