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Thursday, October 15, 2009


...something BIG will happen tonight...they say good things happen to those who wait and i think i've waited long enough for this day to come that i can't forgive myself if i screw it up...i haven't prepared for it yet though i'm thinking i don't really have to...i just have to show 'em what i got and hopefully wing it...i'm starting to have jitters right now it's not even funny and this is so not me

...this is all work related anyway...i felt like i need to write this before i get to sleep (if i can get a decent one)...i should not be thinking about it much...i badly need some mint tea to feel relaxed :)


...if this one goes well then it's going to be a very happy birthday for me and probably be one of the nicest post b-day gift...i'm crossing my fingers :)

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