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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


...i was deleting messages in my phone inbox earlier (i usually do it once a month) and i happened to read a super long text message from my ex and i didn't understand all of it the first time i read it (i was nursing a bad hangover at that time) and i just realized that he's the one who didn't get it still...

...i wasn't assuming that you wanted to get back with me...the thought of it made me looked like a total self-absorbed narcissistic airhead and that's the last thing i wanted to happen...i'm the type who don't second chances...that's just me...i don't even want to be your friend...the next time i see you i will no longer be civil...not a single hi or hello...and tell your friends (whoever they are ) to stop checking my Facebook...i'm no longer amused

...apathy at it's finest...that's the only thing you're getting from me

...there i said my piece...this is the last time i will be talking about you

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