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Saturday, October 24, 2009

plotted and planned

...i've finalized my work schedule for the rest of the year and boy i'm glad i'll be working for only 4 days a week with a couple of 2 weeklong vacations for both November and December...a much deserved lighter schedule i should say :) i got all my flights for a post b-day celeb in Manila this 20th of November and the homecoming flight come December for Christmas

...had to celebrate last night for Sheila's promotion (this is the 2nd round by the way, the first time was in some fancy Mexican tequila bar)...started with some modern Aussie cuisine at Canvas - the food was really almost A+, if not for me being in a diet i could have eaten much beyond what i had ordered hehehe


*Canvas's pork medallions and grilled prawns with cream spinach pasta on the side...yum eh?'s going to be a very busy night later..i got 3 parties to attend to - 2 birthdays and a housewarming...hopefully my alcohol tolerance can keep up...i better prepare some honey for a hangover fix

...but first i badly need a haircut, a shave and some body scrub...pamper me time :)

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