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Monday, October 12, 2009


...i did it again (i let someone call me "baby" for the 2nd time on the dance floor hahaha) and i swear this is going to be the last time (at least for this year)...blame it on the patron...yeah that evil patron tequila...i dunnow where i'll end up if i took more than what i can handle

...the 3 days OFF from work was something i needed so badly and it felt good to have a long rest (i even overslept)....and now i have a fever/sore throat/rhinitis combo...and i got nothing else to blame but me....i was drinking way too much that it's no longer funny

*Maya's Patron tequila and sangria chaser combo...sip it!

...and by the way, i need to get the word "diet" back in my system coz almost everyone noticed the few pounds i gained the last couple of weeks (yes, even my friendly Starbucks barista made a comment about it...ouch!)

...gotta fit in those Tyler back again before they go out of style and yeah, someone needs to shave :)


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