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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

the annual x-mas list

...this is going to be my final splurge list for the year then i can start saving for something more valuable, as old people call it -investment...i felt that i need to reward myself with little treats simply because i've worked hard for the last couple of months and rewarding myself is just what i here's what i'll be getting myself for the next 3 months unless someone can give me any of these in an instant

1. Technomarine Cruise series - it's good to have a very casual watch that i can easily switch with my Philip Stein when i feel like it...and i soo love the color


2. Apple In-Ear Headhphones w/ Remote and Mic - music is my life support and i can't imagine living a day without my iPod...most probably this baby will be the first one to be taken out from the list


3. LV Damier Canvas Messenger Bag - this i think i something that i really need to think hundred times before getting it...this will make me broke for a month hahaha...goodluck...January maybe


...of course there are a lot of other stuff i wanted but i think these three are really worth mentioning...hopefully before December ends i'll get these babies in the bag :)

...what's in your list?

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