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Sunday, November 01, 2009

fortune telling

...went to see a fortune teller that was recommended by a friend last Saturday...we endured the horrible traffic to get to Plantation Bay where she has a small booth for fortune telling...i know two people who can read palms but it was actually my first time to get a card reading so i was excited :)

*inside Madamme Luz's booth :)

...went well, if all of it would be true then i'll probably be very rich in the next 10 years coz all i heard was career, career and more career...oh well, i don't want to start talking about the lovelife part because it's disappointing...let's just say i'm not cut out for lovemush stuff

*Madamme in action :)

...spent the whole day at Shangri-la earlier with friends...i brought the camera but too bad i left the memory card stuck in the reader...just one of those days where i'm having my occasional memory lapses hehehe's going to be my birthday tomorrow...i haven't planned anything yet but hopefully everything wil turn out fine..i still got an executive meeting to worry about...wish me luck!


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