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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

another happy weekend Manila weekend vacation was just something i to spend time with friends (those that i haven't seen in almost 4 years) and of course i get to spend time with my bestfriend...multiple coffee breaks, fancy lunch and of course the much needed retail therapy (i guess i went overboard with what i was suppose to spend)

...Sunday was super special coz i get to spend time with Simone (my bestfriend's baby) for the first time...we had lunch at Chelsea and head to Sonja for some dessert

*@ Chelsea for lunch, we we're trying hard to make her smile for the pic she ended up crying hehehe

*@Sonja having cupcakes for dessert

*on to more retail therapy :)

...back in Cebu, and a signal no.1 welcomes me back to work, guess this is the perfect sign that vacation mode is over...good thing i bought the Percy Jackson series and something from Melissa dela Cruz (it's like Vampire Diaries meets Gossip Girl)...indulgent reading at it's finest

*these babies will keep me on house arrest this weekend :)

...the only thing i don't like about the weather is i can't get to wear this perfect pair of sneakers i bought last week from Zara...oh well , bad timing i guess


...and ow, did i tell you i haven't see New Moon yet? i need a date! :)

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