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Saturday, November 07, 2009

not laidback at all's a rainy Sunday morning, perfect to cook up something hot - i've been enjoying the liberty of having to cook for my own food from time to time , soon i'll be really good at it that i can start inviting friends for dinner - but i know that thought has got to wait :)

...lots are in store for today..a badly needed haircut and a new hair color plus i got to shave ASAP!...i also have to get some shirts altered (i bought something from Heather Miss Grey and it turned out to be a size bigger)...i also need to get a patchwork for my denim duffle bag and probably last in the list would be to finish Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides...i have been trying to finish it while i was in Shangri-la the last weekend but to no avail...the water was just too tempting


...whoever said about a laidback Sunday?

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