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Sunday, November 08, 2009


...i cooked sweet and sour fish around 5am earlier...not your typical breakfast eh? but i was craving for it the moment i woke up and yes, i am proud to say that it did taste super yum (in my own standards anyway) hehehe...

...last night the 2 fab fags came over my apartment to have dinner...i cooked chicken adobo and have them eat some leftover milkfish from lunch and they both liked it...i'm now starting to be good at this all i need is a boyfriend to be the perfect guinea pig for my cooking - he's going to be one lucky guy (or at least i think)...

...i'm off to Bohol this weekend with my British boss and some guys from work...i'll probably skip the tour and head straight to the beach...pure shores mode one more time baby...time to get my tan on before x-mas :)


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