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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

something to remember

my mom was here in the city for a day to give me a visit...we had the usual mom-son date but somethin' happened which i think will make her visit something to remember, well at least for a while...every mom has this habit on trying to organize their son's room even if were ok with the current state their in and she happened to make her way arranging my bedside table...


i was as red as a beet and was too embarrass when my mom sorted my CD collection and found discs of gay porn in all of their naked glory stacked between piled audio discs....that moment felt like i'm caught jackin' off/shaggin someone red handed hehehe...good thing she's always the type who doesn't ask questions and she just pretended like she was arranging Mariah's discs like nothing happened...hehehe

...on the bright side, my table's in order now :)


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