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Sunday, May 18, 2008

visually stunning

...amidst all bad reviews and tanking at the box office (in the US that is), i still decided to watch Speed Racer...actually it wasn't my choice but of ian (she's a super big fan of Rain), she wanted to see Rain in his first attempt at Hollywood...this was after a good serving of Malaysian chicken satay perfectly blended with home made peanut sauce (one of the best without being bias) served by my friend Marissa :)

...going back to Speed Racer, it was one if not the most visually stunning or should i say colorful movie i've ever seen...i felt like they've used all known colors in the world in this flick...and coming from the Wachowski brothers, you can expect the usual best graphic effects they're known for Matrix...the story lines takes conscious effort for you to keep up with the pace but other than that, the whole plot is quite easy to get :)


...went to Starbucks for a little caffeine fix then went home after...wore my biker jacket feeling the speed racer moment for a bit hehehe


...anyway, somethin super nice before i say goodnight :)

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