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Monday, May 05, 2008

i'm getting away from global warming

...just spent a fabulous unplanned weekend in Davao (a place i've been wanting to go to for the longest time) with some of my best friends...although i missed out some top-of-the-list-must-go-places like the croc farm and that zipline, i still enjoyed regency was just one perfect place to crash after not having any direction of where to go to

...after getting home from davao, i spent almost 10 agonizing hours of road trip to my hometown


Photobucket the place where i was born...a place where you can get a break from global warming...a place where it's an effort for you to get some signal for your mobile phone (to the extent that you have developed a special attachment to the roof of your house hehehe) - but still this is one place that would always be special and i would always come back week's work again...i need to think about a lot of things that i don't even know where to of now, i'll just have to clear my mind off things and just enjoy this moment of peace

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