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Thursday, May 08, 2008

i've got few more days left

...i'm about to end my 2-week vacation (which is what i badly needed) and i can see myself back in that boring chair in front of a pc in a corner workstation working my ass off doing the same shit all over again...

...if there's any consolation to it, i got the chance to do some of things i've been wanting to do for the longest time...i got the time to see some old friends (some who were already too different for me to comprehend)'s amazing what time can do to a person but still it's super nice to reminisce about the past over a cup of coffee while carbo overloading at the same time :)

***reunited with my girlfriends :) - yeah! i was way too straight before hehehe




***i managed to squeeze in some time to revisit Xavier :) - too bad i realized my time in that school was wayyy over...i didn't see any familiar faces at all :(


***and a random shot from Davao :)

Photobucket they say all good things come to an better make the most of the few days i have left for the vacation...i got one fab wedding i need to attend so i'd better be ready :)

...if only i can get rid of this nasty cough and itchy nose i'll be happier :)

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