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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

another hit for Cook! shift for the week starts by midnight and most of the time i wake up an hour before 12 to get ready for work, but earlier and for tomorrow i am making an exception - who can pass up Mariah Carey night on American Idol? of her like me waited for seven seasons to see this :) what i've expected Carly Smithson delivered "Without You" and i wished she could have taken it a notch higher to show her vocal range instead of playing it safe and held back...what amazed me most and i think most people would agree is the very bold arrangement of David Cook's "Always be my Baby" - it was just perfect :)

...i never thought this song can be interpreted in that way...i always have this song imagined as your "girly karaoke type" of song...most fans of Mariah would agree that it was the best performance of the night :)

...gotta set up that alarm again for tomorrow's elimination :)

...i think Kristy's finally saying bye bye :)

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