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Monday, April 21, 2008

i'm about to leave stint in Clark is just few days away before it's all over...finally!!!! - 4 more days to go and i'm going back to good 'ole Cebu...few things happened though last weekend....2 of my closest friends from work moved back to Manila for good, now that makes Cebu a bit lonelier for me :(

...i would no longer have my usual coffee/lunch break buddies and that means i need to look for new friends or else i'll end up spending my breaks alone and that is depressing...i was able to spend the weekend though with Goldine (and i'm sure i won't be seeing her for a long time)...had dinner at Chelsea's in Serendra with Chubaboink (who happened to have spent the whole weekend with me as well)

..started off with dessert at Sonja's with her sister Connie who happened to be our official driver that night :) - we started backwards since almost all restos are in a waitlist mode


...waited few minutes to get a table (we had a waitlist at Abe! as well, just in case)



...had some oven-baked seafood pasta, five cheese pizza and some angus burger...and as usual my appetite didn't fail me hehehe


...another carbo overload done :)


...had one more round of dessert after, this time at Xocolat - ordered a shot of kahlua-baileys-dark chocolate combo - just enough to get rid of the oily taste in my mouth :)

...spent few more hours checkin' the whole strip before calling it a night...i'm back again to counting the hours left before my work here is done

...i'm gonna make a pit stop first at Subic before heading back to Cebu - whale watching galore!!!

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