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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

get off your high horse bitch!

...ever been in a situation where it felt so awkward and you're so out of place that you'd rather want the earth to open and swallow you whole than be stuck in the moment? that's what i felt earlier when i went out for a dinner/meeting with some people i've been working with for more than 3 months now

...sometimes you just have to accept the fact that no matter what effort you put in trying to please other people it just wouldn't work...they just literally shut you off everytime you don't know if they're just being resistant with what you're trying to teach them and afraid that you'll push them out of their comfort zone or they just don't like you as a person - i wish it wouldn't be the's a conscious effort for me to be extremely nice here and i just wished that they see that effort, even just for a little bit

...i'm ranting again, all i want to do now is go back to Cebu and do the normal stuff that i do with work - a kind of work that i think i'm really good at (no bragging intended)...but i still wish that before i'll get back to Cebu, i can tell someone this:

Get off your high horse bitch!!!

...i would be happier :)

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