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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

happily last!

...i'm at a point right now where i'm starting to feel not that happy with work - yah know, the usual phase we go from time to time...i'm just waiting for my stint to end here and get my promotion processed so i can move on :)'s starting to become a routine and bit monotonous, that the first thing i did when i came in the office earlier is to send everyone i know from work a copy of my resignation letter and a complimentary "thank-you-goodbye-pang-Maalala mo Kaya - email" hehehe


...that's it! i'm finally free, that finger-snappin' easy

...i have officially resigned

...NOT - how i wish hehehe

...happy April Fools day everyone :)


...violent reactions from the e-mail coming up hehehe :)

...and since it's the summer season, it's time to get the "shaved and skid" do...this time with the V-cut :)



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