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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

i'm making my momma super proud!

...if my mom's reading this, it will make her cry for sure and she's going to be super proud - actually she has 2 things to be proud of...


...i can now cook rice - yes, the straight from the pot type, with no aid of any rice cooker or whatsoever hehehe...this reminded me of Keith Famie - that chef from Survivor season 1 who can't cook rice and actually wrote a book about it

...i headed home early yesterday and was a bit excited because i'll be cooking something for my housemate for the first time hehehe...i was even wearing red for the occasion as if it's going to be one major turning point of my life hehe




...the dish is the ever so difficult "paksiw na bangus" hehehe - yeah, you can laugh (even my mom did when i asked for directions over the phone)...and it turned out to be a success (at least i think it did - Sheila liked it) and i got it all done in 30 minutes or less --- now, that's so Rachael Ray of me hehehe


...of course i have the "fallback" hotdog and eggs ready just in case the paksiw won't turned out right :) smarty pants ^^wink^^


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