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Friday, April 04, 2008

the nerve!

...out of boredom i started to search for blog of old friends...friends i havent' seen for a long time, some i no longer talk to and much to my surprise i saw a picture of someone who gave me a big laugh

...he's someone i haven't even met in person but claimed to have spoken with me on the phone (i might have but i don't bother to remember) and he made this comment that still lingers in my mind which i find funny until this day - "Bakit mo boyfriend si Ash, eh boses babae yan"

...i mean that's fine and i'm not offended by it as long as it came from someone who's straight as Beckham but hell nooooo!!! - when i saw his picture, he was the type you can smell faggotry (if there is such a word) million miles away...i wonder how the bitch sounded over the phone hehehe

...oh well, thanks for putting a smile on my face

..Starbucks finally opened in Clark ( i bribed the driver earlier to make a stop at Starbs before going to the office) and ow i'll be spending the weekend at Baguio for a chill - now i got 2 more reasons to smile :)


Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Hay naku. Wag pansinin ang mga achuete. Yun lang ang masasabi ko.

Vavush! :-)

ash said...

hehehe yeah dedma na lang....shake it off drama :)